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All suit manufacturers' patterns and sizing guidelines are somewhat different. Start by looking at the manufacturer-sizing chart to help locate your suit size. Remember that in order for the suit to insulate properly, it needs to fit properly. All suits are sized proportionately to height and weight, respectively.

The most important part of the fit is the trunk length of any wetsuit, which is the distance from the shoulders to the crotch.. Many people make the mistake of buying a larger size if the legs or arms are too short or if the suit is a little tight across the chest, waist or legs and then think the suit is too big in the shoulders or too baggy in the lower body when in reality, the suit length of the bigger size is too long for their height. If the farmer john part of the dive suit is too long in the body length, there is no need to go further trying on the jacket. If you are unable to find a suit that is correct in the body length as well as the right circumfirence, enlarging the circumfirence of a suit is a lot easier and less expensive than adjusting the body length; especially in dive suits with diagonal front zippers, or surfing suits where new seams around the stomach area where material has been taken out to do the alteration, will not match the original stitching.

If you do not have a perfect, off the rack fit that's not unusual. Many people need to have minor alterations done to their wetsuit to achieve that "custom" fit feel. You can get a custom fit from Express Wetsuit Repair for a reasonable cost and a quick turnaround.

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