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1) We prefer payment be sent with the suit, please do not send payment separately, unless you are paying via Paypal. Paypal charges us a fee, so we prefer no PayPal payments unless there is a specific reason you cannot send payment in the form of a check or cash with the suit. Not sending payment with the suit, may delay the processing of your repair. We accept cash, check or money order. Please do not throw loose cash or checks into the box, these have fallen out enroute and suits have arrived without payment, or only partial payment. Please do not send us a credit card number, we do not accept credit card payments.

2) Please enclose your payment in an envelope with the Repair Request Form, or staple your check or bills to the Repair Request Form.

3) If you wish to pay with Paypal, be sure to Request a Quote, and accurately calculate return shipping costs, so you know the correct amount. Then, please see the instructions below.

4) Credit Card payments must go through PayPal. If you pay via PayPal, please add an additional 4% as this is what PayPal charges me to receive funds. Please contact us before sending PayPal payments.
The PayPal payment email address is



make sure to enclose the REPAIR REQUEST FORM

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