The 5+ Best Feral Wetsuits: [Warm, Comfortable, and Affordable]

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Ever braved the raw bite of the ocean while trying to ride that perfect wave, only to feel like your wetsuit isn’t doing its job? Yeah, I can relate. It was this very sensation that led me down a rabbit hole of research and testing until I discovered Feral Wetsuits – a genuine game-changer in coldwater surfing gear.

Trust me when I say that you might want to get cozy and read on because you’ve just stumbled upon an affordable yet high-performance solution! Ready to dive deeper into why Feral Wetsuits could be your new favorite go-to?

The Best Feral Wetsuits

Bestseller No. 1
Lemorecn Wetsuits Jumpsuit Neoprene 3/2mm Full Body Diving Suit(3031,L)
  • MULTI SPORT WETSUIT: Wetsuit designed for all water sports like diving, scuba, paddle boarding, surfing, or kayaking.
Bestseller No. 2
Quiksilver Boys 3/2 Sessions Capsule Chest Zip Wetsuit - Black | 12
  • Quiksilver team rider Mikey Wright's signature series wetsuit is the ideal blend of high tech and low def. The 3/2 Capsule Everyday Sessions Chest Zip Wetsuit for boys is a quality product for feral minds. Designed with our exclusive StretchFlight neoprene for a light feel, quick response, and maximum stretch. And just as impressive, this youth full suit is Bluesign certified for amped-up sustainability.
Bestseller No. 3
Mens 3mm Shorty Wetsuit Womens Neoprene Full Body Diving Suit Back Zip Dive Skin for Diving Canoe Spearfishing Surfing Snorkeling Swimming Suits(Men Black L)
  • This shorty 3mm wetsuit men women is specially designed for water sports and water aerobics.Easy to Wear: Backzip design with extra long pull-tab, simple and easy to wear.
Bestseller No. 4
LayaTone Wetsuits for Men Wetsuit Women, 3mm Neoprene Wetsuit Full Body Front Zipper Wet Suits for Diving Snorkeling Surfing Swimming in Cold Water
  • 🐬LayaTone new 3mm full body wetsuit is made from high quality neoprene to protect your skin from the damage that can occur while swimming, diving or surfing. The design of the new style is more ergonomic, snug and comfortable without feeling heavy or restricting body movement, and can effectively block the entry of water, making you feel warm even in cold water. Provides you with powerful warmth and protection while you enjoy underwater sports.
Bestseller No. 5
Divmystery Wetsuits for Men (14 Sizes) - Super Stretchy - 3/2mm Full Body Wet Suits for Men, Wetsuit for Surfing Diving Snorkeling Kayaking Paddleboarding Water Sports
  • [DESIGN CONCEPT] We designed this wetsuit for a premium watersports experience at a great value. In comparing professional-grade wetsuits to common wetsuits, we believe that greater fabric stretch is the key to a professional experience.

Why Feral Wetsuits are the Best

Feral Wetsuits are the best because they offer superior warmth, comfort, and affordability for all your ocean adventures.

Feral Wetsuits Review

Feral Wetsuits have a lot to offer. I tried them out and found they were warm, comfy, and light. They did not slow me down at all! The price is also good – much lower than other brands using the same material, Yamamoto.

In my test, Feral was almost as warm as Rip Curl’s E7 Flashbomb but cheaper by $160. This brand makes suits that last long too! Their main aim is for you to feel good while doing your thing in the water.

Some folks think they are a bit tight but others say they feel silky on their skin. These wetsuits got a thumbs up from many users for how well they work in the ocean.

Top 3 Best Feral Wetsuits

I’ve scoured the market and researched extensively to bring you the top 3 best Feral wetsuits that I believe every ocean adventurer should consider. Here’s a quick overview:

Wetsuit Key Features Price Range
Feral 3mm2 Chest-Zip Lightweight, durable, and made from Yamamoto material. Tested and praised for its warmth and comfort. Also a fit a bit tight but silky to touch. $$
Feral 4/3mm Full Suit Perfect for colder waters. Combines comfort and functionality. Noted for its durability. Comes with a thicker material yet remains light and comfortable. $$
Feral Hooded 5/4mm Suit Designed for frigid waters. Features a hood for extra warmth. A bit more expensive, but its performance is well worth the cost. $$$

These are just some of the fantastic options that Feral offers. Each wetsuit is crafted with care and precision, ensuring that you get the best product for your money. So gear up, dive in, and make the ocean your playground with Feral Wetsuits.

Features of Feral Wetsuits

Feral Wetsuits are known for their high-quality features, making them superior to other brands on the market.

Yamamoto Neoprene

Yamamoto Neoprene is one of the key features that make Feral Wetsuits stand out. It is a high-quality material used in the construction of these wetsuits, known for its flexibility and durability.

Unlike other brands that use cheaper neoprene, Feral Wetsuits invest in Yamamoto neoprene to deliver superior performance. This material provides excellent insulation to keep you warm in cold water while still being lightweight and comfortable to wear.

With Yamamoto Neoprene, Feral Wetsuits offer a great combination of warmth, comfort, and durability for your ocean adventures.

Lightweight and Comfortable

Feral Wetsuits are not only warm and affordable but also lightweight and comfortable. When I wore a Feral Wetsuit, I was impressed by how light it felt on my body. It didn’t weigh me down while I was out surfing or engaging in other water activities.

The wetsuit’s design is focused on providing maximum comfort, allowing for unrestricted movement and flexibility in the water. Additionally, the materials used in Feral Wetsuits contribute to their comfort level.

The Yamamoto neoprene used in these wetsuits is known for its softness and elasticity, which adds to the overall comfort of wearing a Feral Wetsuit. So if you’re looking for a wetsuit that won’t bog you down and feels great against your skin, Feral Wetsuits are definitely worth considering.

Durable Construction

Feral Wetsuits are built to last. Their construction is sturdy and long-lasting, making them the perfect choice for adventurous water activities. The wetsuits are made with high-quality materials that can withstand the wear and tear of ocean adventures.

The seams of Feral Wetsuits are carefully sealed, ensuring that they don’t tear or come apart easily. The zippers on these wetsuits are also durable and won’t break even after frequent use.

You can trust that your Feral Wetsuit will hold up well over time, allowing you to enjoy your water adventures without worrying about your gear falling apart.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Wetsuit

When buying a wetsuit, consider the thickness, seam seals and zippers, and proper fitting.

Wetsuit Thickness

Feral Wetsuits come in different thicknesses to suit various water temperatures. The thickness of a wetsuit affects how warm it keeps you while in the water. Thicker wetsuits, like 5mm or 4/3mm, are better for colder waters, while thinner ones like 2mm or 3/2mm are suitable for warmer conditions.

It’s important to consider the average water temperature where you’ll be using your wetsuit and choose the appropriate thickness accordingly. Feral Wetsuits offer a range of options to ensure that you stay comfortable and protected no matter what conditions you encounter during your ocean adventures.

Seam Seals and Zippers

Seam seals and zippers are important features to consider when buying a wetsuit. Feral Wetsuits use high-quality seam seals to prevent water from getting inside the suit. This helps to keep you warm and comfortable while you’re out in the water.

The zippers on Feral Wetsuits are durable and easy to use, making it simple to get in and out of the suit. With these reliable seam seals and zippers, you can trust that your Feral Wetsuit will perform well and last a long time.

Proper Fitting

To get the most out of your Feral Wetsuit, it’s important to find the right fit. When trying on a wetsuit, make sure it fits snugly but not too tight. It should feel like a second skin without restricting movement.

A proper fitting wetsuit will keep you warm and comfortable in the water.

Consider the length of the wetsuit as well. It should cover your entire body and reach all the way to your wrists and ankles. This helps to prevent any cold water from seeping in.

Pay attention to how the wetsuit feels around your shoulders and chest. You should be able to move freely without feeling constricted or restricted.

Accessories and Garments to Wear with Feral Wetsuits

Enhance your Feral wetsuit experience with essential accessories like wetsuit hoods, boots, and gloves. Dive into the details of each item to ensure optimal comfort and performance in the water.

Wetsuit Hoods

Wetsuit hoods are an essential accessory to wear with your Feral Wetsuit, especially in colder water conditions. They provide extra warmth and insulation for your head, which is important because a lot of body heat can be lost through the head.

Feral Wetsuits offers high-quality wetsuit hoods that are designed to fit snugly and comfortably over your head. The hoods are made from durable neoprene material that helps to block out cold water and keep you warm during your ocean adventures.

Whether you’re surfing in San Francisco or exploring the chilly waters of Northern California, wearing a wetsuit hood will help ensure that you stay comfortable and protected from the elements.

Wetsuit Boots

Wetsuit boots are an essential accessory to wear with your Feral Wetsuit. They provide extra insulation and protection for your feet while you’re in the water. Made from neoprene, these boots help to keep your feet warm and comfortable during cold water activities like surfing or diving.

The durable construction of Feral Wetsuit boots ensures they can withstand tough conditions and last a long time. By wearing wetsuit boots, you can enjoy your ocean adventures without worrying about cold or uncomfortable feet.

Wetsuit Gloves

Wetsuit gloves are an important accessory to wear with your Feral Wetsuit. They provide extra warmth and protect your hands from the cold water. The gloves are made from neoprene material, just like the wetsuits, which helps to keep your hands warm even in chilly temperatures.

They are designed to fit snugly on your hands without feeling too tight or uncomfortable. Some people have found the gloves to be a little stiff at first, but they become more flexible after a few uses.

Overall, wearing wetsuit gloves with your Feral Wetsuit will enhance your comfort and make your ocean adventures even more enjoyable.


In conclusion, Feral Wetsuits are the best choice for ocean adventurers looking for warmth, comfort, and affordability. Made with high-quality Yamamoto neoprene, these wetsuits offer a lightweight and durable construction.

With their focus on functionality and comfort, Feral Wetsuits have received positive reviews for their performance in cold water conditions. So if you’re in need of a reliable wetsuit that won’t break the bank, look no further than Feral Wetsuits.

Stay warm and happy exploring!


1. What makes Feral wetsuits the best?

Feral wetsuits are best because they are warm, comfortable, lightweight, and affordable. They use top-notch materials and technology to make them perfect for cold water.

2. Are there any special features of Feral wetsuits?

Yes, Feral wetsuit features range from long sleeves and back zip on spring suits to neoprene material used in men’s and women’s wetsuits for extra warmth.

3. Where can I find a good review of a Feral Wetsuit?

You can find honest and helpful feral wetsuit reviews online that discuss everything from sizing to how warm it keeps you in the water.

4. How do I know which size of Feral Wetsuit to buy?

To get the right fit for your new wet suit, look at the ‘Wet Suit Sizing’ guide on their website before buying one.

5. Can I buy an affordable yet high-quality wet suit from Fetal Wetsuits?

Sure! You’ll find all kinds of top-rated yet affordable wet suits available in both men’s and women’s sizes in their sale section.

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