Ride The Waves With Style

Duuuude! 🤙 Welcome to the gnarliest wetsuit website on this side of the Hamptons! If you’re lookin’ to catch some waves, make a splash with some kayaking, or just chill with the jellyfish, you’ve come to the right place, man!

What I Do

Here’s the thing, bro: Not all wetsuits are created equal, and you need to ride the perfect wave of style, comfort, and warmth. That’s why I, your trusty beach bum and wave-wrangler extraordinaire, have crafted this wicked website to help you find the raddest wetsuits for all your watersports shenanigans.

A group of people in wetsuits are smiling underwater.

Wetsuit Wisdom & Selection

Gabe and I ain’t just beach bums; we’re wetsuit connoisseurs! We hit the waves and the stores, testing out every piece of neoprene we can get our paws on.

Two people in wetsuits enjoying water activities.


Kayaking, snorkeling, wakeboarding, and more! Whatever floats your board, Gabe and I have waded through the waters to find the coolest wetsuits for all your aquatic adventures.

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Wetsuit Care & Maintenance

Your wetsuit’s your second skin out there on the waves, and Gabe and I know how to take care of ’em.

Gabe takes a selfie with his dog on the beach during one of their seaside adventures.

About Me

From the chill waves to the salty shores, Gabe and I have explored every nook and cranny of the watersport world. And we’re here to share our wisdom, man!

Need to know which wetsuit will make you look as cool as a coastal canine? Gabe’s got the fashion sense. Worried about fitting your wetsuit into a beach bag filled with doggie treats? I’ve got the hacks!

So come on, dudes and dudettes, join Gabe and me on this wild wetsuit ride! We promise a journey filled with sun, surf, and the sickest wetsuits this side of Long Island. 🌊🐾

Paws and waves, Ryan & Gabe, The Dynamic Duo of the Hamptons.

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